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Personal Injury

Personal Injury

When you or a family member endures an injury or dies as the result of carelessness or irresponsibility, filing a lawsuit to receive damages is an option you may consider. Injury or death through a motor vehicle, bicycle, or pedestrian accident, denial of disability insurance, suffering a slip and fall accident, being assaulted, and/or having a product liability experience are examples of circumstances that may lead you to seek legal redress.

An experienced attorney such as Gregory Kotsonis is knowledgeable about the steps associated with coordinating a personal injury lawsuit. Typical personal injury litigation is resolved through an agreement between the participants, however achieving the outcome can be drawn out.

A personal injury and/or insurance claim is usually conducted on contingency, signifying payment for legal fees/costs are not made until the case is determined. Gregory will evaluate the monetary worth of harm sustained and demand the insurance company to make a rational payment offer. Upon analysis and after a complete examination, it will be determined if sufficient proof is evident to proceed with a claim.

The amount to be obtained can be tied to a variety of circumstances, including…

  • is the injury permanent or short term
  • loss of wages/earnings, decline of future earnings, and reduced earning ability
  • the costs incurred, including medical bills and property damage
  • mental and physical anguish
  • physical impairments

A personal injury settlement can be awarded to the individual or their spouse, as well as by the family or estate of a person who wrongfully perished. Gregory will provide the quality service and thoughtfulness necessary to augment your compensation.

Personal Injury
Personal Injury